Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bad mommy moment - the realization

As I write this, my 16 month old daughter is crying because she bonked her head on the corner of the junk drawer, which she was raiding. I pick her up and she holds a batter charger up to my ear with a tear-filled smile, expecting and getting a playful "Hello?" from her predictable mother. Other interesting items in said drawer, now barely accessible to my amazonian toddler, are a hammer, two toothbrushes impregnated with copper polish, some needle nose pliers, glue, crayons, and a loose stack of index cards. She finds some quarter sized furniture pads leftover from when we installed hardwood floors in the front room and decides to chew on one. I'm honestly surprised that she doesn't cry as I take them away. She does cry when I take away the box of thumb tacks.

Maybe I should get a lock for that drawer.

I had the realization that I have frequent Bad Mommy Moments as I took a shower this morning. From somewhere, my daughter had obtained an opened box of 50 (probably about 44 at this point) latex gloves, which I shamelessly allowed her to play with as I took a shower. My shower has glass walls, so I usually let her roam free as I take my daily hydro therapy treatment. I realized halfway through shaving my legs that she had pulled every single glove out and they lay strewn around her like a small explosion. She wasn't chewing on them and I figured a latex allergy would have made itself know by this point, so I continued on to the other leg. By the end of my shower, she had stuffed every glove back into the box save two, little forgotten hand-shaped balloons. My theory? Better gloves than baby wipes, which are impossible to get back into their container.

Things I frequently remind myself:
-I know the baby heimlich
-My child is neither neutropenic nor thrombocytopenic
-Dirt builds antibodies

Thanks, Mom.

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Betty Martinsen said...

You're welcome. Love you!